50 years Wörwag Pharma: together for a better health – congratulations!

“On behalf of all guest speaker colleagues of the sports seminars, I would like to offer my sincere congratulations on the anniversary of the family business - an event that must be celebrated. We are proud that the seminars initiated by the founder Dr. Fritzs Wörwag were successfully continued with the next management generation Monika Wörwag and Dr. Markus Wörwag - it was a matter very close to their hearts and we belonged a little bit to the Wörwag family. A big thank you!“

Prof. Dr. Klaus Völker (left)
Frau G. Völker-Honscheid, Frau Dr. P.  Winter, Prof. Dr. T. Wessinghage

"Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of your company! Your experience and your courage to always dare something new have led Wörwag Pharma to success. We are pleased to welcome you to your new company headquarters at Flugfeld, wishing you and your employees continued success and imaginative visions for the well-being and health of all."

Alexander Grullini,
Managing Director of the special-purpose association Flugfeld Böblingen/Sindelfingen
and the entire team

"The BPI congratulates you sincerely on your 50th anniversary! The entrepreneurial strength of Dr. Fritz Wörwag laid the foundation for the successful work of the second generation. On the basis of their results, today's management also manages the company successfully. We are proud to have the Wörwag name tied to the association since its foundation."

Dr. Kai Joachimsen
Chief Executive Officer Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry e.V.

"Congratulations from the city of Böblingen on Wörwag’s 50th anniversary. For the future at the Böblingen site, we wish the company, the entire workforce and not least the Wörwag family all the best, much success and many more innovative ideas for healthcare solutions!"

Dr. Stefan Belz
Mayor of the City of Böblingen
Chairman of the special-purpose association Flugfeld Böblingen/Sindelfingen

"I would like to extend my sincere congratulations on the company's 50th anniversary. As a member of the Bundestag, I am proud that this success story has taken its course in my constituency Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Down-to-earthness coupled with entrepreneurial foresight has made Wörwag Pharma what it is today: successful, international, with strong ties to its home region. Continued success and all the best!”

Karin Maag
Spokeswoman for health policy, CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag retd.

“From this 50 years history of Woerwag Pharma Hungary lived 27 years. As a witness of this period I can say the development of the company is marvellous and prosperous. Wishing you such a progression for the next 50 years!”

Dr. Éva Kádár
Managing Director Hungary

“I am very proud to be a part of the Wörwag Pharma team. I am a witness to its growth and development, achieved through ethical, professional and human actions that make our company a very special place to work. Happy 50th anniversary, Wörwag Pharma!“

Rafael Chavarri
Regional Director
Latin America

“Since 50 years Woerwag Pharma has persistently pursued its path to business growth and prosperity. We are proud to share your way since 2003 and to be a trustful part of the global Woerwag family. Please accept our congratulations!”

Dr. Victoria Tarabanova
Managing Director
On behalf of the Ukrainian Team

"Dear Woerwag Pharma! Coming from the post-communistic Eastern European country, you have shown me the true meaning of the word FREEDOM. Freedom to decide, freedom to enterprise, freedom to travel. You were my gate to a bigger world. Thank you for being part of my life for almost 22 years. May you continue the amazing journey in the future with happiness and pride! I am wishing you many many years of success, motivated employees and innovations!"

Dr. Lucia Frzonová
Managing Director Slovakia & Czech Rep

Dear companions,

"50 years of Woerwag Pharma - together for a better health" - this is our motto while celebrating our anniversary throughout this year. As a young pharmacist, my father not only had the wish but the declared goal to enable people all over the world to live better lives with his products. He made it his mission to advise and support people in health matters.

With this goal in mind, he founded the company in 1971 - and thus began to write a success story. Despite all growth, we have remained a family business still based on our traditional values today.

Key for our success have been, on the one hand, our committed employees. On the other hand, our doctors, pharmacists and experts in clinics and practices have promoted the idea of using vitamins and minerals in the therapy of civilization diseases.

On behalf of the Wörwag family, I would like to thank you for your loyalty and support, looking forward to our anniversary year and the associated joint highlights.

Yours Monika Wörwag

Monika Wörwag
Jochen Schlindwein and Gerhard Mayer

Dear customers, dear employees, dear business partners, dear trade visitors - and dear Wörwag family,

During the last 50 years, the company's development has been shaped by entrepreneurial spirit, but also by global politics as well as health policy. Time and again, rethinking and creativity were required. Our company founder succeeded in making far-sighted decisions that drove the growth of the company. Today, around 1,000 employees in 35 countries help shaping the company.

Together, we will face the changes and challenges of the future. In doing so, we will continue to improve - with the aim of offering more and more people in more and more regions of the world highly effective products and innovative healthcare solutions.

As the managing board of a family-owned company with a long tradition, we proudly take responsibility for continuing this success story, together with all our employees and business partners, for the benefit of our patients and customers.

Gerhard Mayer, CFO 
Jochen Schlindwein, CEO 

From the “City Pharmacy” to an international pharmaceutical company

When Dr. Fritz Wörwag opened the Stadt-Apotheke (city pharmacy) in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen in 1965, the Swabian success story took its course: "My incitement was the entrepreneurial blood in me - it pushed me for more, I wanted to be more active as an entrepreneur."

City Pharmacy

Founding of the company in 1971

And so the pharmacist Dr. Fritz Wörwag bought pharmaceutical preparations, laboratories and production machinery from Chemische Fabrik Walter in Berlin. He thus laid the foundation for his company Wörwag Pharma.

The distribution of a syrup against cold as well as antihypertensive agents began with a single sales representative.

Minerals and vitamins

Dr. Fritz Wörwag was convinced that minerals and vitamins could improve people's health.

The preparation magnerot CLASSIC defined the first product portfolio in 1981 - and at the same time the first field of research: the therapeutic use of magnesium in muscular and cardiovascular diseases.

Four years later, Fritz Wörwag bought preparations from Ankermann: Milgamma advanced to be a differentiator for Wörwag Pharma and laid the foundation for the therapy of neuropathies (nerve disorders) in diabetes resulting from a B1 deficiency.

With the introduction of Thiogamma in 1992, an alpha-lipoic acid preparation, Wörwag Pharma complemented its neuropathy product range and established itself as a specialist for diabetic comorbidities.

First foreign affiliate

In 1993, Fritz Wörwag founded the first foreign location in Budapest, which has been managed by Dr. Eva Kádár since. Fritz Wörwag: "After the fall of the Berlin Wall, we were one of the first family-owned companies to head east. It was a very special feeling that the borders were suddenly open."















Generation change in 2001

Monika Wörwag and Dr. Marcus Wörwag joined the company and shortly thereafter take over the management. Under their aegis, the company continues to expand: in addition to the existing markets in Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans region and the Baltic States, Wörwag Pharma expands into Asia, South America and the Middle East. In 2019, a new sales office will open in Thailand.

Between tradition and change

A few years ago, the owner family made the decision to gradually withdraw from management. Today, the Managing Directors Gerhard Mayer and Jochen Schlindwein continue to run the family business between tradition and modernity.


At the end of this anniversary year, the move into the new company headquarters in the industrial park Flugfeld Böblingen/Sindelfingen is scheduled.