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Our Corporate Social Responsibility: education, safety and self-determination

We take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), meaning our responsibility towards society and beyond our own company, very seriously: Above all, the issues of education, freedom and security are close to our hearts. That is why we support various social projects financially on the one hand, but also actively and with personal commitment on the other.

Ways out of poverty thanks to education

Wörwag Pharma, the Wörwag family and Herrnhuter Missionshilfe have been working together since 1997 to improve educational opportunities in Tanzania and Zambia: Here we support the construction of vocational schools to give young people in structurally weak regions the opportunity to complete an education and thus earn their own living.

Building and equipping vocational schools in Africa

The projects of recent years:


Hotel Management School, Zanzibar

A new hotel management school opens in Zanzibar in mid-2023. Construction and equipment were financed entirely by donations from Wörwag Pharma and the Wörwag family.


Vocational School Sumbawanga, Tanzania

In crafting, IT and business administration: 90 students start their training at the beginning of 2022 at the vocational school, which is financed in part with funds from Wörwag Pharma.


Vocational School Ndola, Zambia

The first vocational school of the Moravian Church in Zambia opens at the end of 2019 – also thanks to support from Wörwag Pharma. Here, training is provided in the areas of electrics, carpentry and tailoring.


Vocational School Kakozi, Tanzania

The third vocational school financed by the Wörwag family and company offers training courses in electrical installation, tailoring, hotel management, agriculture and IT.


Vocational School Namtumbo, Tanzania

The only training school in the vicinity of the very rural area. At the school, young people can choose one of three apprenticeships or take a computer course. Since 2019, dormitory buildings for the school have also been completed.


Vocational School Center Songea, Tanzania

The first vocational school supported by us. Around 65 students are taught here every year in six different training courses. Thanks to the urban environment, they can also complete internships nearby.

Help for women in need

Supporting the Stuttgart-based association Frauen helfen Frauen e. V. is a project close to the heart of the Wörwag family. For several years, Wörwag Pharma has been providing financial support to the organization in order to help women and children fleeing domestic violence find their way to a self-determined life. The donations are used, for example, to buy school materials or furniture for their first home. Employees at the company's headquarters also support the organization with donations in kind and joint excursions.

Education and help for those at risk of addiction

Another association that does important and effective work is release Stuttgart e. V.: The staff there offer various counseling, prevention and information services on addiction and drug-related topics, targeting young people in particular. We support the work of release with regular financial donations.

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