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Where we make a difference

We make an effort – against diabetic comorbidities, for the nervous system as well as for the immune system and the musculoskeletal system. These four therapeutic areas form the core of our work and our medicines. The latter are available exclusively in pharmacies, either as prescription-only preparations or as over-the-counter products without a prescription.

Wörwag Pharma over time

From a city pharmacy to an international pharmaceutical company: That's us, Wörwag Pharma. You can find our company headquarters in the Swabian town of Böblingen, but our products are present in more than 35 countries worldwide – because we have been developing and producing medicines against the lifestyle diseases of our time and their accompanying symptoms


City pharmacy

Dr. Fritz Wörwag opens the Stadtapotheke (city pharmacy) in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.



Dr. Fritz Wörwag founds Wörwag Pharma.


Own products

Launch of magnerot® CLASSIC and biofactors in Germany.


Hungary site

The first international location is founded in Hungary.



The generics product line is launched in Germany.



The development of international markets in Eastern Europe and Central Asia begins.


Generational shift

Monika and Dr. Marcus Wörwag take over the management from their father.



Expansion into South America and Asia begins.


AAA Pharma

The German generics products are bundled in AAA-Pharma GmbH.


Further sites

The sales companies in Russia, Poland and Peru are founded.


Management change

Gerhard Mayer and Jochen Schlindwein take over the management.


Wörwag Pharma Operations

The first own production is acquired: WPO.



The company moves into its new headquarters in Böblingen.


Wörwag Pharma Production

The second in-house production follows with WPP, formerly Mauermann.


Pioneers for biofactors

Our founder Dr. Fritz Wörwag coined the term biofactors: By this we mean micronutrients that play a vital role for the human body and play a supporting role in our metabolism. Biofactors include vitamins and provitamins, minerals, enzymes, peptides, amino acids, fatty acids and secondary plant substances. A large proportion of our products are based on these biofactors.


International family business

Wörwag Pharma has been a family business from the start: founded in 1971 by Dr. Fritz Wörwag as a city pharmacy in Stuttgart, we now employ 1,400 people at more than 25 locations. Members of the Wörwag family are still active in various positions in the company and on the advisory board. Much has changed over the decades, but the core of our company has remained the same – namely our values, which are based on humanity, closeness and helpfulness and stem from our tradition as pharmacists. They shape our trusting and long-term relationships with medical and pharmaceutical professionals and are a unique selling point in our markets. Internally, they are expressed in how we interact with each other: cordial, straightforward and open. We opt for good karma instead of big pharma.

Our purpose and our mission

Everything we do is guided by our mission statement:

                  Getting closer. Helping better. 

At Wörwag Pharma, getting closer to help better means above all: we always focus on the people, our patients. We help them not only with our effective products, but also with preventive services and education – all with the aim of supporting you and your health even better.  

We support medical professionals in diagnosing diseases at an early stage. We educate society about these diseases. We are in close contact with pharmacists and physicians, organize symposia and support organizations that deal with our therapeutic areas. In short, everyone involved is in our boat. And this holistic approach in turn benefits you – because what we all need the most is health. Without it, everything else loses value. That's why we're so proud of what we do every day: making our society a little healthier.


Our mission: Together for a healthy life.

We help to prevent and treat diseases of our time. Every day, we strive to provide everyone with the opportunity for a healthy life. Guiding our everyday decision is our commitment to help prevent and treat lifestyle diseases.
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Compliance at Wörwag Pharma

Responsible, ethically correct and lawful conduct is just as important to us as the quality of our products. Essential guidelines for our actions are therefore described in our Code of Conduct. It is binding for all employees of Wörwag Pharma worldwide and helps us to identify risks and avoid legal violations.

The responsibility of the Group Compliance Officers is assumed by Nicole Schmolke, Director Human Resources at Wörwag Pharma. Both employees and business partners can report compliance violations – also anonymously – to compliance@woerwagpharma.com.

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