Vitamin B12 - oral therapy instead of injections

The role of vitamin B12 for maintaining good health, fitness and well-being has recently become the increasing focus of research. A lack of this vitamin is more common than assumed. Thus, one quarter of all women aged 25 and almost one-third of all healthy persons aged over 65 in Germany have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Among other things, this can have an irreversible effect on our central nervous system and brain function.

As oral medication with a high dosage* of 1000 µg per tablet, B12 Ankermann® Dragees has a comparable effect that could otherwise be achieved only with constant injections. Thus, B12 Ankermann® Dragees ensures the affected person a time-saving, highly effective B12 vitamin intake.

* as approved drug

  • Application areas

    Vitamin B12 deficiency manifesting in maturation disorders of red blood cells and/or neurological disorders like funicular spinal disease (spinal cord lesion).

    Vitamin B12 deficiency can be caused by long-term malnutrition and undernourishment (e.g. strong vegetarian diet), disturbed food intake, celiac diseases (e.g. sprue), fish tapeworm infection or blind loop syndrome or congenital dysfunction of vitamin B12 transport.

  • Drug and composition

    One tablet contains cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) 1000 μg. Excipients: lactose, sucrose.

    Vitamine B12

    For other ingredients refer to the Direction for use.
  • Dosage and method of administration

    In case of severe neurological symptoms and signs an initial parenteral administration is recommended.

    Dosage depends on the pathology: For more detailed overview, please review the patient information leaflet.

    The coated tablets should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach by swallowing them unchewed with some fluid.

    The duration of administration, especially concerning the initial treatment in pernicious anaemia (generally 4 weeks), is the doctor’s decision. The duration is determined by the therapeutic response, which is why continuous monitoring is required. In proven pernicious anaemia, vitamin B12 must be substituted lifelong.

  • Package Sizes
    • 50 Coated Tablets - PZN 03541050
    • 100 Coated Tablets - PZN 01502726

  • Required text

    B12 Ankermann®.Active substance: Cyanocobalamin 1000 μg. Indications: Treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency states caused by malnutrition, treatment (maintenance therapy) of vitamin B12 deficiency states, e.g. as a result of impaired absorption of vitamin B12, permanent treatment of pernicious anaemia induced by vitamin B12 deficiency after normalisation of the blood values. Treatment of pernicious anaemia or neurological symptoms is initially parenteral until the blood values have normalised. The treatment of pernicious anaemia or neurological symptoms is initially carried out parenterally until the blood values normalise. B12 Ankermann® is used in adults. For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, 71034 Böblingen

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