Utilizing synergies - supporting repair processes

Proper functioning nerves are a significant prerequisite for a healthy body and soul. Neurological diseases - such as the various kinds of neuropathy - with their frequently unpleasant or even very painful effects - are an example of how much our health depends on healthy nerves.

milgamma® 300 (available in your pharmacy without prescription) contains important nutrients for nerve cells like benfotiamine, the lipid-soluble vitamin B1 derivative, and vitamin B6.

They are essential for the conversion of sugar into energy and for well functioning nerves, helping them to help themselves. The effective active ingredient combination prevents an insufficient supply of nerve cells with these vitamins and is used in the treatment of neurological diseases.

  • Application areas

    Neurological systemic diseases caused by a diagnosed vitamin B1 and vitamin B6 deficiency.

  • Drug and composition

    One tablet contains benfotiamine (lipid-soluble derivative of vitamin B1 ) 300 mg, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6 ) 100 mg.

    Benfotiamine, Vitamine B6

    For other ingredients refer to the Direction for use.
  • Dosage and method of administration

    Unless otherwise prescribed, adults take 1 tablet per day. In acute cases, the dosage can be increased to 1 tablet three times a day, after consulting a doctor.

    The tablets are best to be taken with sufficient fluid.

    After 4 weeks at the latest, the doctor should decide whether the elevated dosage of vitamin B6 and vitamin B1 (3 times 1 tablet per day) is indicated further. If necessary, the dosage should be adjusted to 1 tablet per day to reduce the risk of neuropathy associated with vitamin B6 deficiency.

  • Package Sizes
    • 30 Film-coated Tablets - PZN 02913880
    • 60 Film-coated Tablets - PZN 02913897
    • 90 Film-coated Tablets - PZN 02913905

  • Required text

    milgamma® 300 mg Filmtabletten. Active substance: Benfotiamine, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6). Therapeutic indications: Neurological systemic diseases caused by a diagnosed vitamin B1 and vitamin B6 deficiency. If you have any questions about risks and side effects, please read the patient information leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. WÖRWAG Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, 71034 Böblingen

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