Recovery for your muscles

Especially after great physical effort or exercise, our muscles can tremble and hurt. Our movement is restricted and we don't feel well. In this case, VAXICUM® SPORTSALBE can help.

VAXICUM® SPORTSALBE warms, relaxes and cares for strained muscles, ensuring a fast and pleasant feeling.

The ointment is perfectly suited for a beneficial, regenerating, and soothing sports massage as well as for relaxing after great physical effort.

  • Application areas

    For a soothing, regenerating and nurturing sport massage after intense physical activity.

  • Drug and composition

    The sport cream contains camphor, the essential oils rosemary, lavender and cloves.

    D-Camphor, Levender oil, Rosemary oil, Clove oil

    For other ingredients refer to the Direction for use.
  • Dosage and method of administration

    Rub in VAXICUM® on stressed muscle areas according to demand.

  • Package Sizes
    • 50 ml Ointment - PZN 10261061
    • 100 ml Ointment - PZN 10261078

  • Required text

    VAXICUM® SPORTSALBE. Perfect for a soothing, regenerating and nurturing sport massage and relaxation after intense physical activity. Dosage recommendation: Rub in sufficient amount of Vaxicum Sportsalbe on affected part of the body.

    Due to the content of camphor Vaxicum Sportsalbe is not suited for children under the age of 6.

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